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About Us

Peanut Butter Boy's rise to the Superhero Hall of Fame began with his humble beginnings as a food blogger. He loved cooking, reviewing peanut butter and sharing recipes with friends and family. His goal was to make meals healthier, but in a way that didn't sacrifice flavor. Naturally, peanut butter was his secret weapon. After many successful creations, Peanut Butter Boy began to focus more on the quality of the peanut butter he was using and eating. He soon realized that there was no "perfect" peanut butter. Some brands used highly-processed ingredients, some used fillers (and aren't even considered "peanut butter" by the FDA) and some have no flavor or depth. Peanut Butter Boy's mission was clear: to create the best peanut butter in the galaxy.

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Our Mission

  • Produce the best, all-natural peanut butter in the galaxy.
  • Support Project Peanut Butter in the fight against world hunger through the use of peanut butter-based food rations (in progress).
  • Educate people on nutrition and environmental sustainability in food production.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What makes your peanut butter the best in the galaxy?

Excellent question Johnny. There are a few reasons. First, our peanut butter is made with the highest-quality unblanched peanuts, dark roasted to perfection in small batches. Next, we don't just use "salt" to season our peanut butter - we use 100% sea salt. Also, we don't add any sugar to our peanut butter (we consider it filler, and unnecessary).

2. What are unblanched peanuts (i.e. what are those brown specks in the peanut butter)?

We use only "unblanched peanuts" in our peanut butter, which means that we don't take off the peanut skins during manufacturing. Keeping the skin on means our peanut butter has more flavor and nutrients - including more fiber, antioxidants and resveratrol (the compound in red wine that has supposed "magical" properties). It also means that our product is less processed and more natural (we like to call it super-natural).

3. I tried it. It's delicious. Tell the truth - what kind of magical ingredients are in this stuff?

Despite what your taste buds are telling you, Peanut Butter Boy does not employ the use of magic to create his peanut butter. He only uses 2 ingredients: Dark Roasted Unblanched Peanuts, and Sea Salt.

4. Why only creamy and crunchy? Why no "Blue Raspberry & Roasted Fairy-Dust" flavored peanut butter?

Flavored peanut butter is increasing in popularity, and while Peanut Butter Boy loves flavored peanut butter, he wanted to perfect his recipes for creamy and crunchy first. Now that the base recipe has been perfected - who knows what he will come up with next? We'll have to wait and see.


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